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Our Services

We provide high quality qualitative and quantitative research services,
in the four Nielsen areas, which are always tailored to meet our clients’ individual needs.

We count on the latest technologies to collect, process and interpret data and information.

We know how important the fieldwork side of the research is and that speed is vital.


We are well aware that, for the most part, research results depend on the quality of data collection.
That is why we take great pride in the quality of our fieldwork and are committed to ensuring our interviewers become increasingly more skilled.

In-person research (CAPI)

A field force of professional interviewers who are always accurately trained and closely supervised, allows us to conduct any type of in-person research (like CAPI research, Mystery Shopping, In-store interviews, In-store observation etc.) all across Italy.

We also have extensive expertise in conducting product tests both in-home and in CL.

For central location tests we can count on:

Our own facility in Naples whose functional space and layout coupled with our top of the range technical services, make it an ideal venue for conducting product tests.

A network of Hall test facilities located in other major cities that are fully equipped to conduct any type of market research and product testing. The facilities are located in very busy shopping and business areas to allow for on-street recruitment of respondents.

Telephone research (CATI)

All telephone surveys are conducted from our In-House Telephone Centre equipped with state-of-the-art CATI workstations based at our Naples HQ, which guarantees unrivalled quality and consistency across the whole study.

Our outstanding Interviewing Team is capable of securing traditionally hard-to-reach participants, whether HCPs, business based or consumers and has an impressive track record in meeting client quotas.

Online research (CAWI)

For online market research surveys we can count on vast consumer and healthcare panels which are constantly refreshed and updated in order to guarantee both the quality and quantity of respondents.

Where a difficult quota is in place, we take advantage of our in-house CATI Team, who can recruit such participants over the phone, before directing them to the online survey.

In order to maximize response from difficult to reach audiences we are also used to offering a phone or online option to participants.


We provide a wide range of qualitative research services suited to the diverse research needs of our clients, ranging from traditional face to face to cutting edge online qualitative research solutions.


Our team of highly skilled moderators is experienced in carrying out studies over a wide range of topics: from healthcare and IT to entertainment and food

Our network of professional recruiters is capable of recruiting and organizing sessions with any type of respondents: from children and teenagers to Business Managers, HCPs and patients

In-person research

In-person qualitative research (like focus groups, in depth interviews, creative sessions, workshops, on-site ethnographies etc.) is at the heart of our work.
Our experience and expertise allow us to offer our clients services ranging from quick turnaround projects to high profile work on sensitive issues.

 For CL qualitative research we can count on:

Our own state-of-the-art Focus Group facility in NAPLES whose focus group rooms have been designed to provide a technically advanced but relaxing space conducive to creative thought and discussion. Our facility is easy to reach, comfortable and fitted out with up-dated technological equipment (including Focus Vision and free video-streaming capabilities).

A network of top quality focus group facilities located in all the major cities equipped with one way mirror observation viewing rooms and Focus Vision / video-streaming facilities.

Online and mobile research

Alongside the “traditional” methodologies we have extensive expertise with using the latest online and mobile techniques to conduct insightful qualitative research fully remotely (like online focus groups, online bulletin boards, mobile communities, auto- ethnographies, etc.) in order to quickly and affordably obtain feedback from a wide array of voices and geographical locations.

Mobile phones are now amongst life’s essentials, with users constantly receiving and responding to text updates giving us the possibility to extract dynamic, real time insight from consumers.